What is it All About?

For more then a year already I was playing with the idea to start something that could help the less fortunate people that I encounter here around me in the Philippines. I did a lot of research and figured out and solved technical problems. However, I never really started putting my idea in action...

Then Manoj Bhargava came around (If you have no idea who he is, google him and find out about him), and while I am not affiliated with him, he is quite on the same line as me with the idea's I had formed. Manoj However made me realize that instead of thinking and planning all the time with my idea's, I needed to actually start them! So, I'm just doing that (Nov 2015), and here you can read a short version of the vision and views of Billions at Work.


Billions at work is an NGO that provides positive changes around the world by using, creating and implementing simple solutions to provide the most basic needs that people need to build on. Billions at Work will NOT simply provide financial help to people in need, but will provide them with the most basic needs that they really need, so they can build their own future. These needs are:

  • Housing
  • Water
  • Energy (Gas and Electric)
  • The most basic health care.

By providing these basic needs -to the less fortunate in the Philippines-, they can then themselves raise out of their poverty. Billions at Work is certainly not just another money spending machine that never really create positive changes by just 'solving problems by giving money'.

The Philosophy:

Billions at Work believes everyone on earth should at least have the right to these basic needs. Water for example is part of the earth and we all share it, there should never be a monopoly on it, and each person on earth should have the right to provide in his own water source, housing and energy needings.


Billions at Work sees a great future in decentralisation of water and energy. It becomes more and more apparant that there are only a few large entities in the world that seem to take over the control of water and energy (monoplizing it). By doing so, they take away the peoples right -YOURS also- on these basic needs, which does not seem to be a good idea. This is why Billions at Work provides simple solutions to decentralize water and Energy. This means that Water and Energy will be produced on the spot, and does not need to come from an outside source. Even more, used water will be returned to the same place as it came from, which will keep nature more in balance.


Talking about change does not create change. That is why Billions at Work does research, and provides simple real world workable solutions to solve the most common problems in the area of Water and Energy. Once basic needs are establised, the foundation of growth is laid. The more people start DOING -often simple- things, the more awareness there will be, and the more solutions could be provided.

Our Goal:

Besides helping the less fortunate people in the Philippines out of their poverty, there is a bigger picture behind it. Each project that Billions at Work performs will be like an 'independent village', and people -all around the world- will start to see that there is choice. Choice to not depend on large institutions that deceide for you how much water and energy you are allowed to, and how much you have to pay them for it.

How Can You Help:

Each one of you can do a great help! we definitely need your support to make changes around the world... Changes that effect YOU also on the long run. You can help Billions at Work in a multitude of ways to implement our solutions and provisions. A few examples are:

  • Join the Billions at Work movement at http://billionsatwork.com/join
  • Like and follow the official Billions at Work Facebook page https://facebook.com/billionsatwork
  • Follow the official Billions at Work Twitter page https://twitter.com/billionsatwork
  • Inform your friends on social media about the movement and ask them to join also.
  • Write positive articles about the movement in your blog, WordPress site and/or other social media.
  • If you know people, companies, celebrities or influential persons etc who are likely to support the movement by way of donation of otherwise, please inform them about the movement.
  • Can you provide media support, or you have friends in media? The more media support we can get, the better.

Think also in support of the below way:

  • Are you or you know a good programmer who can help with programming? - Must have knowledge in Bootstrap, HTML, PHP. Jquery, JavaScript, DB and DB scripting.
  • Can you do some Audio/Video editing ?
  • You have a great idea which can help the movement? I love to hear about it.
  • I'm sure you can come up with many more idea's... Each of them will help us!

For any questons about the above four topics, contact us using the Contact Us form at http://billionsatwork.com/contact And then of course, there is the donation item ! And that is where is all about, because without donations there can only be TALKING about making a change in the world, instead of actually DOING something to make the change a reality. Billions at Work has a crystal clear transparency Policy in which you can see that donations made to Billions at Work are really for the full 100% used for exactly the outlined vision. Not a single cent of your donation is used for otherwise purposes. So to help the movement and make changes we need YOU to:

  • If you can afford it, consider to make a donation. 100% of YOUR donation will be used to support the less fortunate. To learn about transparency and to see 100% really means 100% read the movement Transparency Policy here: http://billionsatwork.com/transparency-policy

Together we can make a REAL change in the world, but it starts with you.

YOUR TASK: Please join us using the Join form below. Also, If you can afford it, consider to make a donation. As said 100% of YOUR donation will be used to support the less fortunate.


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