Transparency Policy

Usually when someone hears the term 'Foundation', 'NGO' or something similar (NGO* from now on), it often means that from the 100% of donations received, a LARGE portion of these funds is diverted to things that actually do not serve those who actually need it !

So Billions at Work certainly does realize that there is a lot of distrust among the people who are donating the funds, and not without reason considering the above.

That is why Billions at Work takes a different approach regarding the funds received, by having an totally open disclosure policy.

This is what happens with the donations made by people like you:


The funds received -usually in a PayPal account- will periodically be transferred to ONE and ONE bank account only, which is registered under the name of the NGO. Transaction slips -of going in as well as going out transactions of said bank account- will be publicly posted online, as well as the balance and outgoing transactions of the said PayPal account.

A lawyer will audit the Paypal and bank account every 6 months, to insure no paperwork is being forged, and a notarial act is written to evidence this fact.


ALL equipment/articles/objects acquired with the funds received will ONLY be used for each project started by Billions at Work, so none of the funds will be used to acquire equipment/articles/objects that would be used outside of said projects.

Official Receipts of each and every sale transaction made to Billions at Work will also be publicly placed online so that each and everyone willing to investigate for accuracy, can do so.

What are the received funds used for -or better described- where does Billions at Work NOT use the received funds for:

The received funds will ONLY be used for each project started by Billions at work, and 100% of the received funds (after the standard bank transaction costs), are used in those projects. This means that:

  • Every person performing service(s) for Billions at Work will do so on a voluntary basis, which means that there will be no/nothing/zero compensation or 'income' in any way whatsoever.
  • Transportation costs of persons, caused by doing services for Billions at Work, will be at the persons own cost. There is no/nothing/zero transport compensation for the person doing the service.
  • There is no/nothing/zero food and drink compensation. each person doing services for Billions at work must supply it's own meaning of food and drink.
  • ALL office necessaries -from buildings to plain paper and pen- will be aquired without using the funded donations. No/nothing/zero compensation or amount of money is taken from the received funds.
  • There is no/nothing/zero other form of compensation or 'income' made to persons doing services for Billions at Work.

Of course when Billions at work HIRES labor people -carpenters etc-, to do construction work, these people will be paid as is understandable... However all other people doing VOLUNTARY work for Billions at Work will not be compensated in any way.

Further more:

When starting and undergoing a project, Billions at Work will record audio and video of the start and progress being made, so you -the one who donates- can actually see where the funds are being spend on, and can follow each project from start to end.

The costs of the making of these video's -and equipment used for it- will be privately shouldered, so no/nothing/zero is taken from the received funds to produce the said audio and video.

Basically, it is the view of Billions at Work that every single dime of funds received should be spend on the actual Projects performed by Billions at Work, and as such 100% of the funds received will be used for its correct purpose.

If any portion of the received funds would be spend in another way, Billions at Work would see that as a misuse of its received funds.

If there are any questions, or you might want to see -additional- clarification placed in this Transparency Policy, please feel free to contact Billions at Work using our 'Contact Us' form:

In ending, with this Transparency Policy I hope to have clarified how Billions at Work has set a new standard of fund raising policy, and I -Ronald de Mol- the initiator of Billions at Work invite each and every fund raising agency to adapt the same open policy.

Fund raising while part of the received donations are used internally -outside of the charity spirit- to 'better' the fund raising 'company' itself are a joke in my opinion.

If a 'company' cannot even take care of its own funding to maintain a charity, how would it be able to honestly run a charity at all?

- Ronald de Mol. Initiator of Billions at Work


Footnotes: *1) NGO - charitable status : A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business. Usually set up by ordinary citizens, NGOs may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses, or private persons.

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