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Here you can find the most up to date status of this project and follow it in a time line based manner. Each update will ... <Continue Reading>

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Date: November 23, 2015 Beta launch of is expected to be near ... <Continue Reading>

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In this section you will find all news that has either passed a certain age date or is moved to here due to content length of the ... <Continue Reading>

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In this section you will find all (sub) projects which are considered completed. At this point of time ... <Continue Reading>

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Why do I need to join Billions at Work? Well, in order for Billions at Work to change the world and show other people around the world what is possible today (in regards to water and Energy), we need ... <Continue Reading>


Thank you for your visit to the donation page of Billions at Work! We have made a series of pre-set options for a simple 'one click check out' for you to ... <Continue Reading>

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