Questions and Answers

What is Billions at Work?

Billions at Work is building towards a better world for us all. A world in where people regain their rights again on the most basic needs of Water, Energy and Basic Health Care. There are simple solutions available to decentralize these basic needs and they only need to be applied.

Who is behind Billions at Work?

Ronald de Mol is the initiator of Billions at Work and has started this movement to show people around the world how easy change is made if you apply the 'it starts with you' principle.

What does Billions at Work do?

Billions at Work works towards decentralization and implementation of the fundamental needs that every human on earth have a right too. By implementing a few simple solutions immediate relief is achieved in the area's of Water, Energy and Health.

Why concentrate only on housing, water, energy, and health?

Without a living place it is extremely difficult to have access to Water and Energy and Health will be in great danger. So by providing a way to simple basic housing and a solution to the three most fundamental needs of Water, Energy and Healthcare, it will greatly improve the quality of life, which will reduce poverty, crime, war and many other aspects. Also when these basic needs have been implemented, a family can then finally improve their own life.

Why not just give the money to the needy?

Just giving money to the poor will not solve a single thing, because their basic needs will still be unavailable to them... By proving a solution, the roots of the poverty problems has been taken away and from then on, people themselves can uplift on their own from there.

How can I submit my resume to work for you?

Just contact us here and select Job Inquiry and express your interest.

Can I donate or volunteer?

YES on both. Billions at Work needs your help. Remember, 'it starts with you'... We do accept donations and everyone on earth can see direct result of the received donations, as we provide proof by documents, audio and video. We also need your help to share our website Video's and Articles. Please encourage your friends to visit our site and watch our video material and Articles... Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you would like to volunteer, please Join Us at

Who else can take advantage of the inventions you mentioned?

Solutions that Billions at Work provides will be documented well, and documentation will be placed online so other people and organizations can replicate them if they like.

Do you allow people to come to your location and see your company at work?

Although we currently do not have the capabilities to entertain visitors, we do work on a solution to make group visitations possible so that a group can visit a village that is finished or in progress of building. We fully encourage involvement.

What is the timing to get inventions to the public?

Solutions will be implemented together with the construction of the village, and solutions which are not yet ready for implementation will be implemented as soon as they are stable enough for implementing.

Did you invent these innovations?

Billions at Work does not really invent at all, we just combine existing technique and at times improve on it. There are so many solutions available, but if no one implements them nothing will ever happen.

Can I purchase your solutions?

Most of the solutions that Billions at Work provides will be specified to that certain location for which they are intended to, so these will not be available for purchase. However, solutions that are non localized could be purchased. The net profit on any sales we make will be used again towards Billions at Work.

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