Project 1 - Progress

Here you can find the most up to date status of this project and follow it in a time line based manner. Each update will describe the project status on that particular date, and will also give some 'next' to come step(s).

Date: November 23, 2015

Status: Nearing completion of beta launch.

Next: Explain and show by means of graphic/audio/video so that visitors and members get an 'real life' insight in what this project about.

Note: As of this date, the website isn't ready yet for beta launch, so priority now is to complete the site 'enough' to publish it publicly.

The next step will be an actual site visit so everyone can 'see' the land and what the major outlines are to get 124 simple houses build on it. Please do not think to complicated about this...

A unit can be actually be finished in a single day once the construction workers have got to construct the first 2 to 3 or so units. No concrete and such will be used for 'infra structure', so there is not going to be concrete paved roads or so! This is done purely to keep the ground as 'open' as it is, so that rain and processed water can easily return to the ground.

Expected next update: Roughly December 1, 2015

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