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Project 1 is the start of Billions at Work. Here below is the outline of what this project means, and what what will be done during this project.

Goal is to provide Housing, Water, Energy and Basic Healthcare to 124 less fortunate families (an average of 500+ persons). The 124 families will then instantly be relieved from their poverty, and they can -on their own- work on a better future for themselves from now on.

By taking away the root of the problem poverty as well as crime and sickness rate is reduced to almost zero. The projected cost for achieving all of this is just a small US$500.00 per person!

Also, decentralization of Water and Energy is achieved, which means people now have their given rights back.

It starts with a 3.12 hectare (about 7.75 acre) of land which is available already to Billions at Work. On this land, 124 simple houses will be build, thus providing living space for 124 families. Each house consist of a living room, a master bedroom, two child sleep rooms, a kitchen and shower & toilet. In other words, the basic need.

The land will also include provisions to provide drinking water (+ water for dish wash/shower/toilet etc) and Electricity. In addition there will a pond (water processing) and a small bio gas production facility. There also will be some small stores like a simple supermarket and such.

Water will be retrieved from the ground and processed for human consumption, while Electricity will be produced by a combination of 3 practical solutions. Gas will be solely produced by the small bio gas production facility.

There is little to no 'red-tape' (government rules/obstructions) which can complicate the project, since the land is privately acquired, and Billions at Work can do with it what it wants.

There is a simple -most basic- health care solution on the village that will disinfect wounds, boils, scratches and skin & mouth infections very effective. The simple act of being able to disinfect and treat common wounds in a direct and effective way prevents escalation of infections. Bacterial infections are among the most common cases of diseases here around.

Water, Electricity and Gas will be provided to the inhabitants of the village at production cost price. No profit will be made on this, so the cost of these basic needs will be extremely low. Yearly land taxes payable will be shared among all the adult inhabitants of the village, thus the amount per family will be very little.

There will be internet available, tough the quality (at this point of time) of the connection will be intermittent, and connection speed will be very low compared to USA standards.

A few families will have instantly work available to them, by doing maintenance and do deliveries inside the village. For the remaining inhabitants of the village, a solution will be found to provide them with a work opportunity earning at least the minimum income level (which is set to low in practical sense).

There are a few rules to the habitats of the village of course (regarding noise, maintenance, the will to work etc) to ensure that there will not be a situation in where certain habitats will make use of the system. In other words, we are not Santa Claus! Bad behaving families will be removed and replaced for the ones who really need it.


A very simple (we don't like complicated) cost estimation is shown below.

Since this is the starting project, a few additional starting costs will be made which are: Registration of the NGO, taxes and setting up accounts and some other small paperwork, which are minor costs estimated to be less then US$5000,00 and are a one time only occurrence.

Actual project cost:

Cost for completing a single house : US$1,000.00

infra structure computed per house : US$1,000.00 at maximum

Under infra structure falls everything that is not the houses itself, such as water, electricity and gas production solutions, the pond, the stores and a simple road system etc etc.

This mean a total projected cost of about US$250,000.00 or a cost of US$2000,00 per house with an average of 4 persons.

To see it in a bit of perspective : A foreigner living here and constructing an 'american style' house spends easily US$65,000.00 on a house, so for less then 4 of those 'american style' houses build, a complete village of 124 inhabitants with water,gas and Electricity production on the spot can be archived.

This means that on average for just US$500,00 per person, 124 families have a good chance on a much brighter future. That is all they need ! They do not need any 'extra' financial help after this, as from then on, they can uplift themselves.

Once the paperwork is done and the project has started, the progress of it can be followed step by step in detail under the 'Recent=>Project 1 Progress' menu.

So, now it is up to YOU... Would you join Billions at Work and consider a donation? please join us by using the below form and consider a donation if you can afford it. Your donation will be for the full 100% used to achieve the project goal!


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