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Date: Dec 1, 2015

Here is a Google Map Image of the land as it looks now...

As you can see, right now there is nothing there yet, but for just $500.00 per person, this land can be converted into a nice village that holds 124 families. You can download this image here, and you can download a Google Map kmz file here. Please help Billions at Work to realize this project and make a donation if you are able to do so. Assuming a family size of 4+ persons, 500+ people will instantly rise out of their poverty!  Plus they will have decentralized water, gas and electricity available to them. If you like to make a donation, please go here

Date: Nov 29, 2015

The beta version of the Billions at Work website just came online!

Browse around and get yourself familiar with our site, and of course Billions at Work likes to receive a lot of positive response and members, so please consider to Join the movement of Billions at work here

Of course we welcome donations in any kind.

In the coming week an google map image outlining  the land area will be posted, and a short video will be made on the location so you can see the land as it is currently. The video will also be for historical reason to see change has taken place on later video's.

Date: November 23, 2015

Beta launch of is expected to be near the end of this month...

Main goals are:

1) Attract interest so the website and the vision of Billions at Work can be spread by word of mouth. Feedback of visitors/members will then be used to update the FAQ menu.

2) Using social media, Billions at Work hopes to build a large amount of 'members' and of course welcomes any donation... In kind or cash.

3) Once some social engagement is achieved, and actual cash donations are made, Project 1 will take of and come to life in the real world.

4) Feedback on both sides will generate more interest, and builds a trust base, so that YOU -visitors/members- will start to see that this is a 'different then all the other' Foundations/NGO's and really 100% of the donations is used for ONLY the ongoing project, and not for irrelevant (office, Compensation cash, Transport & Food etc nonsense).

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