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Why do I need to join Billions at Work?

Well, in order for Billions at Work to change the world and show other people around the world what is possible today (in regards to water and Energy), we need You to help us with that.

By joining our movement, You become part of a unique moment in history in where independent people like You make changes around the world, without waiting for any governmental institution to step in and take adequate care.

In my opinion, I see governments all around the world changing from the serving agency that they used to be, to a money making machine with a great hunger for power and control.


It is up to people like You and Billions at Work to show the rest of the world that changes can be made quite simple, and Water and Energy -a basic necessity that everyone has rights too- can be produced at low cost and can be available to everyone if this is decentralized.

When You join Billions at Work, you do not join a 'What is in it for me' movement, but you join a movement that is out to make actual changes around the world that on the long run, also affects YOU.

So please, join Billions at Work and become part of this movement. Billions at Work will keep you up to date on it's projects and progress made, while You as a valued member help us by spreading the word around, and if you can afford it, make a donation to Billions at Work.

If you have read our Transparency Policy (, you know that 100% of your donation will be put to good use, and nothing of it is wasted to 'other' compensation trickery.

So from here on it is up to You... Please join us by using the below form, and if possible, consider making a donation. in doing so, You make positive change happen. It starts with You.


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