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We ask you to join the Billions at Work movement and become part of a world change. The more strong Billions at Work becomes, the more we can work on R&D and implement our idea's on ever increasing scale.

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Billions at Work is also looking for:

  • A good programmer with knowledge in Bootstrap, HTML, PHP. Jquery, JavaScript, DB and DB scripting. API knowledge will be a great plus.
  • Someone who can do Audio and or Video editing.
  • A great an inventive social media marketer.
  • Content writers, or just someone like you who can write a blog post and place it on your site.

For the four above Job offers, keep in mind that you will work on a voluntary (non paid) bases. Except when you are a good programmer and living in the Philippines...

A great programmer -Living in the Philippines- with the required knowledge and who is willing to relocate could have a great future in our team.

If you feel comfortable doing any of the above job offers, please contact us:

It starts here with you.

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