Future Solutions

In this section Solutions that have not been completely worked out yet, or are in early development stage, will be placed here.

Following is a list of future solutions:

1) Production of a Local Energy Collector (LEC). The LEC would be able to produce about 100 watt electrical energy per day constantly producing 4.17 watt/hr 24 hours per day. The device works independent from sun light or wind and does not need human input power. No data publicly available at this point.

2) Drinking water production. A single compact unit with a weight of less then 40Kg will produce about 480 gallons of pure water per day, which is enough to sustain 124 households. Energy usage 20Whr/Gallon... More information here: <Coming Soon>

3) Bio-gas production plant. A small production plant to deliver enough cooking gas to sustain 124 households on a daily basis. Rough plan is finished, however size (dome type) and gas transport to the house units need to be worked out further (mostly safety concerns)... More information here: <Coming Soon>

4) Ultra efficient refrigerator. A 3.2 cu.ft (91 Ltr) fridge using 50 watt/day, with an average inside temperature of 42.8F (6C). While this temperature might seem a little to high, it should be noted that food around here is hardly 'stored'... Most -if not all- people in the barangay (village) do not have a refrigerator at all, and fish and rice is stored in a covered pan for one to two days in a shadow place... More information here: <Coming Soon>

5) Developing a more efficient table fan. A low cost table fan that will use less than half the amount of energy compared to the general available table fan's here around, while producing the same amount of airflow. Most of the... More information here: <Coming Soon>

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