Current Solutions

In this section Solutons that have been completely or almost completely worked out will be placed here.

A solution is what it says, which means that it brings a solution to a given problem. The problems in case of Billions at Work are mainly in the area of Water, Energy, and Health care.

Please keep in mind that the water and electricity consumption for example is far less then a general European or United States household will use. This also means that solutions can be reached far more easily, as for example 0.5 Kw of electrical energy per day would be enough to sustain all electrical appliances per unit (house) for that day.

Following is a list of current solutions:

Date: November 23,2015

1) Production of about 2*150 watt/day electrical energy delivered through a local made solar panel consisting of just 9 cells. cost of this solar panel is about 2*US$25.00 ... More information here: <Coming Soon>

2) Production of about 100 watt/day electrical energy delivered by a 'free electric' similar device (A bike with generator: Google Manoj Bhargava) Cost of this deceive is about US$100.00 but it is shared along 10 households, so cost per household is about US$10.00 ... More information here: <Coming Soon>

3) A lamp (3 LEDs of 1 watt each) producing about 80 lumen/watt at a production cost of about US$1,00 per lamp. Eight lamps are needed per household, consuming on average less then 30 watt/day combined... More information here: <Coming Soon>

4) Water production for other then drinking water usage. Water will be extracted from the ground using shallow wells and filter this through several -simple- filtration systems up to 2uM filter size. One of the filters use an electrical activated system which kills most of the bacteria and viruses passing it, resulting in a 2-log10 reduction (99% reduction)  of bacteria as end result... More information here: <Coming Soon>

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