Archived Projects

In this section you will find all (sub) projects which are considered completed... At this point of time (Nov 23, 2015) Project 1 has not started in real life yet, and -mostly- due to the speed of donations made, this project could take anywhere from say 3 months to a year or longer. Of course Billions at Work hopes that with your help, our first project can be a great success and hopefully could be completed in the shortest possible time.

Once a project is considered completed and moved to here, it will also include some statics like financials and where was what spend on, difficulties that has been met and the solutions thereof and similar other data, so that a good and accurate Archive is made of the completed project.

Note that a sub project may rise out of an current project, and as such, completed sub projects will -logically- be considered completed before the main project.

Also note that -in the future- multiple projects might be started at overlapping time frames.

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