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What is it All About:

For more then a year already I was playing with the idea to start something that could help the less fortunate people that I encounter here around me in the Philippines. I did a lot of research and figured out and solving technical problems. However, I ... <Continue Reading http://billionsatwork.com/what-is-it-all-about/>

Transparency Policy:

Usually when someone hears the term 'Foundation', 'NGO' or something similar (NGO* from now on), it often means that from the 100% of donations received, a LARGE portion of these funds is diverted to things that actually do not serve those who actually need it ! So Billions at Work certainly does ... <Continue Reading http://billionsatwork.com/transparency-policy/>

Project 1 - About:

Project 1 is the start of Billions at Work. Here below is the outline of what this project means, and what what will be done during this project. It starts with a 4 hectare (about 10 acre) area of land winch is available already to Billions at Work. On this ... <Continue Reading http://billionsatwork.com/project1-about/>

Join Billions at Work:

Why do I need to join Billions at Work? Well, in order for Billions at Work to change the world and show other people around the world what is possible today (in regards to water and Energy), we need ... <Continue Reading http://billionsatwork.com/join/>


Thank you for your visit to the donation page of Billions at Work! We have made a series of pre-set options for a simple 'one click check out' for you to ... <Continue Reading http://billionsatwork.com/donate/>

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